During the previous weeks, we published an article in which we talked about how some of the biggest Challenger Banks in Europe, measure up against each other in the process of Opening an Account & KYC.

All information was taken from FinTech Insights, our platform. The question that came up from many people that read said article, was where did we find all these accounts? 

Do we own them?

Are they demo accounts?

Here are all the answers.


It’s quite simple, we open an account in each of the banks. We follow the same procedure for each bank, which means that every bank account analysed is owned by our team.

 You may ask then:

“Is that easy?” 

and the answer is: 


Well, we all know the hype and need behind real data mining and extortion. But, in this day and age you can find raw data anywhere. The value lies in what you do with it. 

Here’s where our 3-Rs come to play.

    • Real Bank Accounts
    • Realtime Analysis
    • Real Customer Experience

All three R’s are invaluable for the banking market, who are thirsty for analysis and measurable results. When an analysis is served with hot and actionable data, then the results are way more reliable.

FinTech Insights analyses real user needs. So we need to answer the question of

“How well or bad has Bank X solved this need for the user”

When we analyse Bank accounts, our analysts act as users. In order to do that we need to have access to exactly what the user would see, when using the banking app.

Demos, dummy accounts or any other information other than this raw interaction of the analyst with the banking platform cannot provide that.

There is also the case of having so many different versions and types of banking platforms.

How do you objectively identify and analyse all this?

Maybe in the future AI can help us solve this problem, but for using real bank accounts and doing the analysis manually is the only way to stay true and credible.


Well, yes. Because it’s the only way you can have realistic, measurable and objective results. We take great credit in having all the data produced from our awesome team of analysts in Scientia. Even this has its impact on our data and our analysis. Because there are so many different and so many versions of the e-banking platforms, one cannot easily set up a bot or a mining technology to search for the data needed. The error percentage is unimaginably high, so no automations, no alternate ways. And no demo accounts.


Decision making should be based on real data. You shouldn’t have to play guessing games when it comes to long term investments and decisions that will affect your business or your performance. 

You cannot chart your entire digital product roadmap on assumptions and indicators about what will perform best.

Luckily we solved this problem for you, with FinTech Insights

Check the 3Rs in action.

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