FinTech Insights

a Subscription-Based Platform

Analyzes in-depth, benchmarks and presents Digital Banking and FinTech offerings worldwide. Uses real Bank accounts and is always up to date including all changes and releases.

Your Competitors and Threats analyzed.

Most prominent Digital Banking offerings worldwide.

Challenger Banks across the Globe.

FinTech Services.

Drill Deep

Every single Function and Transaction is analyzed and presented with short videos.

The User Experience is measured for a number of user journeys, using Scientia’s advanced methodology.

Inspect in depth and with consistency all Banks and all their channels.

KYC and Account Opening
PSD2 and Open Banking
PFM and Sale Mechanisms

Advanced Benchmarking and Positioning

Benchmark any Bank -and yours- against another or against the whole market

Position any competitor in Scientia’s Quadrant

Recognize Banks with stronger or weaker offering and understand the differences


C-Levels Reports that highlight your positioning in the market, head-to-head Bank comparisons and Market overview.

Product Managers: Understand what your competition offers and how. Reduce your product development cycle and have always next steps ready and current.

Designers: Deeply inspect competitors' features and their impact to the UX, for every single step of any function or transaction. Learn from others' mistakes and success stories.

Strategists: Craft your strategy more efficient and understand in-depth your Opportunities and Threats.